Thursday, June 13, 2013

Regression attack.

assalamualaikum && hello

You know, sometimes things get a lil bit overridden and ridiculous. Like how much a person would once mean the world to you and the next day you wake up you find both of you aren't talking anymore, perhaps because there's nothing much to say? Or the silence feels better. It feels right. Effortlessly not making any awkward conversation. Avoid any contacts, because the distance feels right and safer, despite the realisations of just the mere presence would light up the a dumb day. 

Ridiculous, see?


Still things fall back to their places, and alhamdulillah. Sometimes I get distracted, and to find my pace back seems so hard. Never stray too far, just yet.

&& I found myself a new addiction! Which i'm not in the favour of telling the world yet, hehe. But it makes me happy, in some senses I can't understand much either. Perhaps the environment? Or the people? Or the thing itself? One thing for sure, it makes me feel blessed. And blessed and blessed. :'3

And.. some other things i can't afford to bother, like... I lost my phone again! haha. And magnificently slipped off my only cash last few days. Somehow, I'm still breathing, didn't I? luls.

Still have a few papers to go, wish me luck :D

ps. Someone's reading from my back while i'm typing this i think i don't care anymore hoho


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