Sunday, April 26, 2015

Feeling loved~~


Sahabat update status FB :

Sahabat bertanya masa kuliah bulanan Habib Ali di UTM , "apa agaknya eh perasaan muslimin yang dapat duduk dekat dengan Habib?" 

Spontan keluar jawapan ni..


~ Dapat tengok Habib dari jauh secara live pun dah rasa bahagia, apatah lagi orang yang dapat berada dekat dengannya.. beruntung mereka yang dapat mengambil berkat dari para ulama.. Bertambah beruntung lagi mereka yang berpeluang berkhidmat untuk mereka.

heart emoticon
 اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم.

Sahabat komen :

Beruntung dan beringatlah juga kpd muslimat betapa Allah melindungi kamu semua hatta utk dilihat oleh seorang ustaz/habib sekali pun, apatah lg untuk didekati/disentuh oleh sesiapa saja..

Allahu :')

Sunday, August 18, 2013

..dan bila kau dah turun medan sebenar dan kau tahu betapa sakitnya nak buktikan kata kata dan niat, peritnya rasa tangan dan mulut terkunci tahan rasa benci kepada diri yang tak mampu, 

Allahu rabbi..


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


assalamualaikum && hello

Eventually, it's the old same thing that keeps me standing and keep me grounded. It's the same people who made me feel loved, and exist.

Too many things happened. Like, too many I cant even describe though I desperately wish that I do keep it recorded, or written, or anything in between. 

But me being me. Past is past. There's no way time would ever be retrieved, so there's no cogent argument for me to make them seen.

And, for every special moment would forever cherished, and permanently buried in my heart ; they aren't going anyway.

Alhamdulillah, for the wonderful journey of life I walk on right now, embarking steps towards the ultimate goal of our mere existence. 

Semoga niat kita sentiasa dijernihkan dari buih-buih kelabu, disaksikan taqwa dalam kecintaan kepada Dia. *senyum*


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Regression attack.

assalamualaikum && hello

You know, sometimes things get a lil bit overridden and ridiculous. Like how much a person would once mean the world to you and the next day you wake up you find both of you aren't talking anymore, perhaps because there's nothing much to say? Or the silence feels better. It feels right. Effortlessly not making any awkward conversation. Avoid any contacts, because the distance feels right and safer, despite the realisations of just the mere presence would light up the a dumb day. 

Ridiculous, see?


Still things fall back to their places, and alhamdulillah. Sometimes I get distracted, and to find my pace back seems so hard. Never stray too far, just yet.

&& I found myself a new addiction! Which i'm not in the favour of telling the world yet, hehe. But it makes me happy, in some senses I can't understand much either. Perhaps the environment? Or the people? Or the thing itself? One thing for sure, it makes me feel blessed. And blessed and blessed. :'3

And.. some other things i can't afford to bother, like... I lost my phone again! haha. And magnificently slipped off my only cash last few days. Somehow, I'm still breathing, didn't I? luls.

Still have a few papers to go, wish me luck :D

ps. Someone's reading from my back while i'm typing this i think i don't care anymore hoho


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Because you are a warrior and I'm a worrier.

assalamualaikum && hello

I'm sorry if I've been the reason you're holding back. History tells me it's not going to work and I'm not letting it happen any time sooner. I'm sorry you have to work extra harder on yourself. I'm sorry I walk too slow I can't keep on your path. I'm sorry I didn't realize I've been standing on your cape when you decide to fly. I'm sorry my umbrella prevents you from letting the dirts on your shirt to be washed away. I'm sorry I kept an eye closed when the bright light came. 

ps. I'm sorry too, Raisya.